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Travelblendr™ Launch! The USB Powered Portable Blender Is Here!

travelblendr™ Launch! The USB Powered Portable Blender Is Here!

Out of my passion and love for healthy smoothies and the frustration of always traveling and not being able to make smoothies while traveling, I bring you the travelblendr™. A portable USB powered blender that can make healthy smoothies and shakes on the go!

THE travelblendr™ is small enough to chuck in your carry on luggage, gym bag or backpack and can easily make smoothies on the go.

It is powerful enough to make 6-12 smoothies in between recharges and can be charged with any USB powering devive. The travelblendr™ takes about 3 hours to fully charge so when you first get yours make sure to plug it in for a few hours before making your first travelblend smoothie™

To celebrate the launch of the travelblendr™ we are offering a ridiculous special of 50% off! Usually priced at $64.95aud you can now snap one up for just $32.45 which includes free shipping! If you are in Australia you can expect your new travelblendr™ to arrive in around 4-6 days depending on where you are in the Country.

So if you are looking for an easy way to get more fruit and veggies into your life  while you’re on the go or traveling or maybe you’re a smoothie fanatic like me this new powerful portable blender will have you absolutely loving life while feeling FANTASTIC!!!

To get your travelblendr™ for a ridiculous 50% off head to https://travelblendr.com right now and get yours (we have also already sold out of green sorry)

One Love,




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